Two months later…

My journey still continues.  I finally broke through a plateau where I stayed the same or up and down a pound for weeks. It was beyond frustrating. I learned to except my body changes. I am gaining muscle and losing the fat.  I learned that my breast are here to stay regardless of how much everything else goes. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to topple over! I learned that once you break through the initial sweat, that I can conquer much more. I learned that people will continue to try to jeopardize my success and still be haters. I learned that people will talk behind my back, but I continue to be 2 steps ahead. I am approaching a 40 lb weight loss. I realized that I was hiding behind my “fat clothes” in the past. I love wearing clothes that actually fit! I literally can walk out of my jeans! I have embraced sleeveless tops and fitted clothes. I love trying on things that I once thought would never work.  I don’t mind taking pictures and am considering doing a photo shoot for my anniversary.  Maybe a little something for my hubby! I also learned to accept compliments. It is still hard for me to hear, “oh you look amazing!” without thinking someone is out to get me or needs something.  It will get easier as time goes on. For now, I will fight on…Until I collapse….



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