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Welcome Friends!
Welcome Friends!

Hello everyone! I am Mel and I started this website to motivate and inspire women of all ages and sizes to get healthy.  I recently started on my weight loss journey and so far, it has been pretty amazing! I have never been one to eat healthy or excercise for that matter. I am 37 years old and up until this point, I always thought that being fat would be a way of life. I realized that my medication list was getting bigger along with my waist line! I continue to battle diabetes, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Colitis and eventually Crohns disease.  I finally had enough! My husband started on a diet and 2 weeks later I decided it was time.  I started my journey 46 days ago. I began on a saturday afternoon and never looked back. I am currently 27 pounds thinner and I feel amazing. I look forward to seeing my body change for the better, as well as my health!


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