Music & Apps that help me…

Hey all,  I thought maybe adding a list of songs and apps that help me, can help you too! I have an Android phone but I am sure they have these apps for Iphones too. NO EXCUSES 🙂

Apps I use and love:

~Runtastic Pedometer (count your steps)

~Runtastic Heart rate (monitor that heartbeat)

~Rock my Run (Get pumped with your own music playlist)

~My Fitness Pal (count your calories, monitor weight and excercise) look for me on here too!


My work out play list:  Part 1-Hip Hop Mix

‘Til I collapse-Eminem from the album The Eminem Show

Remember the Name-Fort Minor from the album Rising Tied

Lose Yourself-Eminem from the album Curtain Call

Bow Down-Westside Connection from the album Bow Down

Hate Me Now-Nas from the album Hate me now, pt 1

Victory-Puff Daddy and the family from the album No way out

We Takin Over DJ Khaled from the album We the best

Work out mix: Part 2-Rock

Indestructible by Disturbed from the album Indestructible

Last resort-Papa Roach from the album Infest

Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park from the album Meteora

One Step Closer-Linkin Park from the album Hybrid Theory

Bring me to life-Evanescence from the album Fallen

Breaking the habit-Linkin Park from the album Meteora

Blow me away-Breaking Benjamin from the album Halo 2



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