Getting Started…

I began my journey after realizing that my medication list as well as my waist size were getting bigger by the day. I was still fighting diabetes, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, high cholesterol and arthritis.  I was getting tired of being on so many medications and feeling lethargic daily. I would pass out sitting up watching tv. Not good. I was eating garbage including fast food, fried food, artificial flavors and colors. Gross! It was causing weight gain and so much stomach discomfort! I decided to cut out the crap and eat fresh, unprocessed, healthy food. I love fresh spinach, asparagus, mushrooms as a compliment to lean turkey and chicken. I no longer crave sweets either! I don’t bring home chips, cookies, macaroni and cheese and frozen pizzas.  I refuse to buy candy and have layed off the diet sodas. I read labels and document everything I eat on an app called My Fitness Pal.  I monitor my blood pressure daily and commit to exercising at least 30 minutes, 6 days  week. I can’t believe the stuff I was eating. GAG! I am simply repulsed by hot dogs and McD’s, ewww NO! Yes, our grocery bill has shot up but I would rather that then my waist line or another hospital bill when I have a heart attack! I refuse to let anyone jeopardize my success so far. Good luck shoving a cookie my way, it is not going to happen! My husband and my son are on board with me. It has become a family thing. We look forward to swimming and walking. We prepare our meals together. We go shopping together. We are all in this to win! TEAM DAVIS!!


My amazing husband, Marshall. He gets sexier by the day. He loves me no matter what. What else could a girl ask for! Muah!! <3


My motivation! My son, Connor. There is nothing better than hearing him tell me how beautiful I am and how he is so proud of me.  Thank you, “Coach”! xoxoxo

Get Motivated with Mel